Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Best of Both Worlds...

Yeah. Right.

You know I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. But some things are beyond my grasp. Like math. Or insurance.

So for the last few years at work I have signed up for our super-special dental insurance because I know in the future I have some massive work that will need to be completed. Well that day is here. Joy.

I have to get a few bridges done and each bridge is anchored on each end with a capped tooth. So that is 6 caps and 3 bridges to the tune of 4.8 billion dollars. No biggie. I have my own insurance. Tobey has insurance for the family. We should be golden - or at least porcelain right? Not so fast my friends.

Now our old dentist dropped Tobey's insurance and since his insurance is better than mine we moved to a new dentist that does accept his insurance. Now we see Dr. Doogie Howser because our new dentist is muy young - like I have socks older than him young. But I like him okay and love their hygenist so all is good.

Only they don't accept my insurance. Well that isn't true. They accept my insurance they just don't accept the type of insurance my plan is. Something about PPOs and HMOs and DHMOs which all gave me one VBH: very big headache. The new dentist accepts PPOs and my insurance is DHMO. Whatever that means. So to inform myself I called the insurance company.

The uber friendly girl on the phone who sounded like she had one too many Red Bulls informed me that I had a great plan: a DHMO and she told me it was the best of both worlds PPO and HMO. I explained to her that if it was the best of both worlds then they should combine providers of the PPO and the HMO right? Yeah, no. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Then I asked if I go to a dentist out of network (see how saavy I can sound) can I file a claim and they pay me instead of paying the dentist that they would have paid if said dentist was in-network? Nope. Who really cares who the insurance company pays? Apparently the insurance company cares.

It is nice to know that I have paid for years for a plan I can't use. Sure I can search out a new dentist but y'all know how hard it is to actually find someone you like. I am not switching again. My suggestion to the insurance company is simple. Just scratch all the PPO and HMO and DHMO stuff and make it one big plan called BS.

Who's with me?



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