Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mrs. Oh and the Marble Cowsket

I read somewhere that Ann Landers a.k.a Dear Abby only went once to her mother's grave and that was the day of her funeral. When asked why she didn't go to her mother's grave to visit and pay her respects, her response was why should she go there - that isn't where her mother is at. She is in her heart. Or something to that effect.

And yet, I can't stay away from my mother's grave despite the fact that I know she isn't there. I suppose I am drawn to that place because it is the only lasting memorial left of someone I loved and miss profoundly. I also suppose I do it because it forces me to deal with the fact that she is gone. Of course, that isn't working out so well as I still don't deal with it. Anyways.

I have always believed that the memorial one puts up is a testament to how much the person was loved. Mom wanted pink granite. So she got pink granite. Well not all pink because the nasty thing about memorials is the fact that they are expensive. If we would have went with all pink granite instead of grey it would have cost 4 times more which is insanely ridiculous. Sorry Mom, we went two-toned, hope you like it.

I find myself intrigued by the headstones and statues in my home town's cemetary. I find them beautiful and haunting.

And long overdue in the deserving catagory.

There are all sorts of markers. This one apparently was crafted by Tim the Toolman Taylor. And I find it endearing and heartbreaking all at the same time.

This was a popular motiff of the time. The big log and there are a bunch in the cemetary.

The KFC memorial. Not really but it does resemble the Colonel don't you agree?

This one broke my heart. A 13 year old girl named Florida. It is made completely of metal and is so intricate. I can't imagine this child's parents grief.

And a mother with her babies. So sad.

Honey and Muse. You have to admire their sense of humor.

And these poor folks - who would have thought the white marble would make this gorgeously carved casket look like an homage to Bessy the Cow.


This is more like it though. The Angel of Grief. This one is in Rome although there are several through out the U.S. most notably in New Orleans. The angel fallen over the grave marker...gets to me everytime I see it. And I feel like that angel every time I go to 'visit' Mom.

For the record I did contact a company that claims they can replicate this statue. And I was so excited because this would be the perfect memorial for Mom. It would be fitting. If you saw that in a cemetary you would know that the person below it was so very loved and missed. And then the company e-mailed me the cost. Are you sitting down?


If I win the lottery, that bad boy is all mine er Mom's.



Hey Mrs. Oh, so nice of you to stop by my blog and leave a comment that cracked me up. :)

I'm so sorry about your mom and the emptiness you feel. I have a dear life-long friend named Jo Ann and spelled the same as your mom. You don't see that very often.

Your post brought up interesting feelings I've been pondering. I want to be cremated (when I die!) but, like you, I don't know if my family would be more comforted having someplace to visit me. Where we live in CA you can't have anything but a flat memorial stone for mowing purposes. The graveyards look like cheap tenement housing compared to the plots of yesteryear where personality was shown.

Your mom's marker is beautiful but I'm with you on the grief-stricken angel. Terribly sad and yet it tells the story of how we feel to lose someone so dear. I'm glad you had that kind of relationship with your mother. THAT's the best memorial to her of all.

Blessings on you.

Thanks Robynn. When I saw your comments I said to myself, "Oh that is the eyeball lady!" I hope everyone hops on over to your blog to look at your daughter's beautiful painting.

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