Friday, July 30, 2010

Mrs. Oh and the Magic Eye

My dear friends - it isn't my job to make judgements on this here blog. My duty is just to report the facts as I see them. Speaking of seeing....

Remember when Magic Eye came out and folks were staring at pictures and ohhhing and awwwing over them? I wasn't one of them. Still can't see the hidden pictures and it somewhat bums me out. What if I am missing out on something?

So yesterday at work of all places, I had my first Magic Eye experience. Of sorts. First you have to see this lovely picture of my soon to be ex-friend Gail. You might remember that Gail and I went to the Pioneer Woman's book signing in Orlando a few months back. Now I posted pictures in that post and didn't even ask Gail for permission. Great friend I am eh? And since I am again using her 'likeness' I thought I would protect her identity this time as seen below.

Now while at a retirement party (for one of the ladies insane dedicated enough to work 26 years for the City) Dustin Hoffman, who happens to work with us, noticed that Gail's shirt looked a tad like a crime scene. He may have even mentioned that all she was missing was the knife sticking out of her chest. Friends, I can share this with ya: I dang near peed my pants. I laughed so hard I snorted and cried and for the rest of the day poor Gail had to endure our comments on her lovely shirt.

In Gail's defense her daughter picked that shirt out for her and prior to us totally stabbing her in the back about it - Gail had thought the red 'floral' shirt was lovely. I may have mentioned that her shirt looked like a Crime Scene Rorschach test. I didn't see anything floral about it but I did spy with my tiny eye a butterfly and a few ponies.

Poor Gail I know. It is a wonder I have any friends left. So what do you think? Lovely floral shirt? Or is that shirt a Floral Blood Brocade from Hades? Was Gail a victim of some heinous crime and she just hasn't realized it yet? Is she really missing the knife? Do you see the butterflies too?

And no worries for Gail - she mentioned that she thought she had the receipt and I think she might be heading to the mall as we speak.



Mrs. Oh, I am so sorry I haven't been around. My life is a whirling dervish right now and I'm trying to keep up, but it is so very hard.

See, I cannot see anything in her shirt but I am also the person who never saw the magic eye and most of the time I can't see the optical illusion either. I might have a problem.

No problem Joann - someone has to be darting all over the world following Bono and tripping over puppies! ;)

wow ohtobe you have a blog

I know squirt - who knew huh?

You forgot the best magic eye shirt....LOL!

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