Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some things are worth the effort...

I really try not to take life too seriously. But there are some things that warrant it. Like RISK. We are talking '' here folks. RISK is my most favorite game ever. I am a serious competitor. Usually I come in costume but it seems as time passes the kids aren't all into wearing costumes to play any more. Personally, I find wearing our corresponding bandanas intimidating to the opposing teams but that is just me. I like to think wrapping my head in a black bandana and marking my forehead with a BP (which stands for the Black Plague) terrifies the other players. Not so much I guess.

Now we are serious RISK players in this house. RISK is THE game to play. And while we have at least 3 regular sets of RISK we also have Lord of the Rings RISK, Star Wars RISK and I think a few others. RISK is like shoes - you can never have too many. We also have a RISK trophy that the winner gets to keep until the next time we play.

On Friday we had another RISK tournie and for the first time ever Butter won! We won't mention how Frodo shielded her throughout the game but I am really glad she won and I think she has finally caught the RISK bug. Having temporary ownership of the small glass world globe trophy helps.

So what are you waiting for - go play games with your kiddos!


Just found your blog from over at this post! My family also plays Risk and my hubby also tries to protect me because I'm the novice. He also loves Axis and Allies which, by the time it's assembled, I'm asleep!

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