Monday, August 16, 2010


I can't tell you the many, many e-mails I have received wondering what has happened and why has Mrs. Oh been so haphazard in her posts of late. Well. Okay. So no one e-mailed me. But still, I know you are wondering. Right? Right!

This is why. Years and years of work...ok...weeks and weeks have gone into creating this dress for Butter to wear to DragonCon next month. Please ignore the overflowing laundry baskets in the background. Oh, and the crooked door.

So somehow I got roped into making Butter a dress. When much later and many pin pricks later, I asked why on earth I was making a dress when they could have bought one, Frodo replied that he thought it would be cheaper. For whom, I asked? We even did it all Project Runway and I made a starter dress out of some cheap fabric we bought. So it fits her really well and we totally gutted the pattern.

But I am really happy with the way it has turned out despite the miles of hand sewing I have had to do on the thing. The wonderful thing about the dress is that we I made it to be very versatile. The skirt is reversible so that Butter can either have a plain front or a ruffled front as shown. The flouncy part under the sleeve is also removable depending on her mood. And despite what Butter may think, say and act: she is a flouncy girly, girl underneath it all.

I have a few more touches to complete and the dress will be all done. Once I can get Butter back in the dress I will post more pictures and I am sure I will have some from DragonCon to post as well. Just the thought of my dress standing next to Scott Bakula or Sean Astin gives me the shivers. I only wish I was going too!

So what have you made lately?



I have not made anything because I have no skills when it comes to a needle and thread, but that dress? Is gorgeous! You are one talented lady, Mrs. Oh!

I am so sorry I haven't been around either lately. I am in a serious overwhelmed state. I hope things settle down soon. I miss all my blog friends!

Oh...there's the morgue! Why would you make Butter a bathrobe to wear to DragonCon.

Who told you about the morgue!!!????

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