Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Keeping it real...

This my friends is what happens when you let your boys have control over the deep fryer and the making of the onion rings....

I know it is popular to post recipes and such - I have my share here. But this is more of a post on the behind the scenes of cooking. Step one: place towel on floor to unsuccessfully catch the batter blops as you take handfuls of battered onion rings over to the fryer. Ignore the blops ALL over the cabinet drawers and ignore Mrs. Oh having a heart attack over said blops.

Chewie er Super Chewie was very proud of his batter hand. Live long and prosper batter-hand.

How can two boys make such a mess? Which reminds me: Mom always got so tickled watching Julia Child back in the day because she was just sweep off her counters and it looked like she was just wiping everything on to the floor. I am sure Julia had a trash can....but then by the looks of my kitchen....maybe she didn't.

Words. Escape. Me.
But the onion rings and burgers were top notch!



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