Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bob Barker was right...

Today is Tobey's birthday and he is celebrating the 23nd anniversary of his 30th birthday. I was in a bit of a quandry as what to get him this year - just like every year....

Now our next door neighbor has moved out after not paying his mortgage for over 2 years. Seems he has left all the stray cats and kittens he has been feeding behind. So yes: I have been going over and feeding all the cats. 12 in all.

This morning I was headed out to do some last minute birthday shopping and I went to feed the cats before I left. Most all of the cats next door are full grown are at least over 6 months old.

And while feeding the cats I spied a tiny little kitten. It has been our fear that there might be kittens under the house and apparently there was at least one. I decided to give this little one further inspection before I left and I was shocked and scared by what I saw. Her little eyes were closed and crusted over. I knew I had to do something...and considering I hadn't yet got Tobey his birthday present...I figured I would kill two birds with one stone.

I immediately brought her in the house were Butter and I cleaned up her eyes and then I took her straight to our vet. After $300 was spent it was decided that she has some sort of infection in her eyes which we now have drops for and an antibiotic.

Her eyes are already clearing up and she has integrated herself into the household. Max and Daisy can't get enough of her to the point I think Daisy thinks she is the poor things mother.

Then when I came home from the vet's office I noticed a tag on the neighbor's door. From the Pinellas County Animal Service folks. The same folks I called earlier in the week to report these poor animals being abandoned. I called them again. Can you believe there is nothing they will do for these cats and kittens unless the homeowner (nee the bank) calls them first. They say that if they were to trap the cats and take them in that the homeowner could have them charged with theft.

I feel so bad for these poor cats and no one wants to help the situation. I have called a rescue group that referred me to a few other places because they are unable to take the cats in. In the same token though the animals are all wild and very skiddish around people so I don't think they would ever be able to be adopted.

At least I could save this one. So my question to you dear reader is this: what shall we name her? Tobey wants to name her Pit as in Money Pit. I am thinking something Halloweeny like Pumpkin or Boo....what say you?



Oh my goodness gracious! I am so glad you saved him up, the poor thing!! How about Foggy? That is kind of Halloween-y.

What a darling! I'm thinking she's Lucky, but that's not very feminine, is it?

What ever you name her, I'm sure it will be great.

She is just the sweetest thing ever. I took her to the vet this morning and in less than a day she has already gained 1/10th of a pound. Her left eye has been really bad but today she was able to open it and both eyes are clearing up nicely.

Mrs. Oh! My favorite friend of all time was a lavender tabby --Terrible Tootsie LeRoux. She lived to be twenty one.

How about Violenta (from All's Well That End's Well by Shakespeare)?

Ichabod. You could call her "Icky" for short.

Li'l Martha

(PS - my blog is officially DOA as of this morning...)

Oh no Lisa - you said you had something new coming..I didn't expect DOA! Everything okay?

I think Boo is a great name! As in peek-a-boo since she was hiding her eyes. I hope she gives you many years of joy! You have a very generous heart.

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