Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Halloween Wreath

I've linked up with Kristen's Works For Me Wednesday. Be sure to stop by and see all the great things she has going on!

Like every good crafter I snuck a few minutes in my craft room to throw together a Halloween wreath. I love my craft room with its stainless steel counters and extra helpers ready at my bark er beck and call....

Yeah, so. I made the wreath on my bed. Yes, that is a cookie sheet. But oh to be a gal with a crafts room one day. Anywho - Max was incredibly helpful as he walked around the bed wondering what Mom was doing. The little plastic spiders I had laid out kept clinging to his feet and was beyond funny. Do you think Martha has to deal with this kinda stuff?

I really wanted to make a snake wreath that I had seen in a few other blogs but I wasn't able to find any snakes. I did find flies and roaches though so that is what I went with. They don't photograph well but look great regardless. To help make them standout against the black wreath I glued the bugs to some of the shiny ornamental balls that I purchased at Michael's for 50% off. Michael's also had their black wreaths on sale for $3.99 this week.

I have read a few tutorials on using ping pong balls to make scarey eyeballs but I had these left over party favors I bought a few years ago and they worked out great. I just popped the eyeball part out of the frame and hot glued them on the wreath.

I just love the way it looks! And the total cost was $4.99 plus left over burlap scraps for the bow - and That Works For Me!

This handsome fellow is just hanging around...get it? Hanging. I crack myself up sometimes. So what have you been up to?



What sort of wreath do you put up for Veterans Day or Columbus Day?

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