Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Epcot Part One

As payment for making Butter her dress for Dragon Con, Frodo and Butter treated me to the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot this past Monday. We all had a great time despite the fact I couldn't walk and was in what I like to call an adult stroller the whole day long.

Tobey, Frodo and Butter at the big ball.

Newlyweds...oh, la, la....

By the looks of it....not so newlyweds...oh, la, la

This is what you get from Tobey when you want to take his picture.....yeah. Stand back ladies he is all mine!

A carb free snack at the patesserie in France. I love the word patesserie. I feel all Juliet Binoche in Chocolat when I say it. Patesserie.

In Italy and takin' a break.

The Tron Monorail

One of the few times I stood - hunched over but standing nonetheless.

Love those hats!!

So we had a grand time. Frodo made lunch reservations at Le Cellier in Canada. To. Die. For. Steaks. Frodo had the filet with truffle sauce and he shared with me a bite....I have never had truffle anything before and it was the best thing I have ever eatten. Ever. Look at me - you know I can eat - so that is saying alot. Just be sure if you go to make reservations way in advance or you will not get in.

I'll post more photos tomorrow just of the scenery. Until then...



I was just there this weekend, Mrs. Oh! And was it ever crowded! Epcot is my favorite and the first thing I do when I go there is find my way to France for some cheese and bread. And Le Cellier is just fabulous, isn't it? We love truffles in our house. We even have some truffle salt. And it is incredibly yummy.

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