Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Spreading the love...

Go on and click on the picture above and take a gander at the name I put on our 'adult stroller'. I'll wait for you. Go on.

Usually any where we go and there is a sign-in book or the like I always sign it as The Griswalds. I have been doing that since Frodo was a baby. Why? Because it seems no matter what or how I plan things out they always end up turning into some National Lampoon Vacation spoof.

So after eatting lunch at Le Cellier in Epcot we went to retrieve our stroller which was nicely folded up and stowed in a row of other strollers and wheelchairs. There was a man standing next to our stroller and when the um stroller was unfurled...and you could make out the last name on our stroller and the man read it. He took a few seconds, then he got the joke and nudged the person next to him and pointed to our name tag.

It brought a smile to my face. He and I exchanged a knowing glance but said nothing. I think he might have been worried that was actually our last name. That is just my little way of spreading the joy.

How do you spread your joy?



If you were a true Griswald Epcot would have been closed for repairs when you got there!!!

-Matt (Cousin Eddie)

Well two rides we were on broke down. Does that count? ;)

Mrs Oh, came by from June's. We too consider us the Griswalds! I grew up in Clearwater and we were always traveling home to see family. Such a long and dreadful drive! My mom just recently moved back to Clearwater after living with my sisters in Jacksonville. Clw. certainly has changed since I was little.

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