Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hulk Edition: Rerobed

June over at Bye Bye, Pie! has asked for some help in the disrobing and subsequent rerobing of her friend and frequent commenter Hulk. It probably would be best for you to read her post first...I'll wait.

Hulk seems to enjoy his sportswear. When it comes to sportswear there really is only one sport and that is baseball and only one team: the White Sox.

Here we have the Hulk modeling the Shoeless Joe Jackson look. While some may find the look a little dated...I think it is timeless and being the man we all know Hulk is - he can pull it off.

As for dinner attire I would always recommend the classic tuxedo as modeled by the Hulk above. Additionally this look works well just in case he finds himself in need of invading a foreign country and/or the need to talk into a shoe phone. You just can't pull that off with jeans and a tee.

It is nice to know the Hulk attends church and has some goin' to meetin' clothes. However I think a man should try to differentiate himself while at church - currently Hulk could be mistaken for a Best Buy manager and not a faithful follower. In the above meetin' clothes no one would ever mistake Hulk's faith. Besides: Hasidic Hulk has a nice ring to it don'tcha think?

And while I was worried that maybe the Hulk wasn't Jewish and as not to offend anyone....Hulk can equally pull off the Dali Hulk look with ease. The nice thing about this outfit is that he can use it for church or any frat boy toga parties that may pop up. Being able to use all of your clothing articles for a variety of different occassions is paramount to being a saavy dresser in my opinion.

One thing Hulk did not share with us was his Victor's Secret lingerie items. And thank God too I might add. Here June and Hulk model the latest in Victor and Victoria's Not So Secrets. I can hear the marriage proposals coming in now for Hulk.


OH MY GAWD, MRS OH!!!! I knew you were brilliant with the photoshop, but this, this surpasses anything you've ever done! You MUST email this to June. Absolutely fabulous.

I posted her a comment with the link:) Maybe I'll get that inflatable fruitcake yet! lol

What I want to know is, how did you get that picture of my actual body?

Also too? Hassidic Hulk!

June - we always new you were smokin' hot!

Oh Mrs Oh! What a great job with the photoshop. I think Hasidic Hulk was my fav other then him and June of course.

That was GREAT!! Brilliant. You totally deserve the fruitcake. Maybe the disposable underwear too, as a bonus gift!!

TY all - you're going to make me blush!!


Hassidic Hulk...dying!!!

Love, love, love it!

I bow to your genius, Mrs Oh!

Very clever, indeed.

Aaaaaahhhh the one of Hulk and June is just too much!! Great job!

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