Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ray Charles and the Elves...

Tonight I had a little more help than I usually get when it comes to wrapping presents... Yodie just can't get enough of the ribbons. Her stripes are really starting to show and at 8 weeks her eyes have changed from blue to green.

Okie was not to be outdone in helping her Momma out with the wrapping. Notice Yodie in the background doing her favorite activity: laying on my heating pad.

More of Okie and her playful self. I just love these kitties!

When I came home from work today guess who I found in one of the cages. RayCharles!

Oh boy. This makes her look like a demon cat which she isn't. I don't know why out of all of those kitties next door that Ray has stolen my heart. She was shaking she was so scared in that cage so I sat with her while she ate and she even let me pet her.

I called Sue with the good news that now we can get Ray spayed and I was hoping that Ray would be able to stay the night and I could deliver her tomorrow. But Sue had us drop her off not soon after I called her. I did get to see the damage in Ray's eyes and her left eye is totally black with a deep cut sliced throughout her eyeball. Poor, poor baby. Maybe that is why I love her so because she is damaged and deserves better. I only hope that she aclimatizes to humans and we can find her a home.

When I dropped Ray off Sue told me that one of the kitties didn't make it. All of the cats are being treated for coccidia and the kitty was just too dehydrated and passed away while Sue was at work. It breaks my heart. I don't understand why people would have animals they don't take care of and just leave behind. I hope there is a special circle in hell for them to suffer as they have made these innocent little babies suffer. *off my soapbox now*

This is usually how I find the kiddos when I get home from work. Snoozin' out on their little warmy blankie.

Don't you just love those little faces? Okie is on the left and Yodie on the right.

Peas n Carrots

I am already planning on getting them different color collars or we will never be able to tell them apart. At least unlike the boys - they won't be able to switch collars and fool us!

Do you think Yodie is tired of the flash yet?

I am still amazed how far Yodie has come since that morning I first saw her. I am certain she would not have survived much longer if I hadn't intervened.

Okie's stripes are just now starting to show but she still has that adorable 'baby eagle' hair style.

Yeah, I think we'll keep 'em!


AWWWW! You know this tugs at my heart. They are soooo cute. Cats always want to be in the center of what you are doing, wrapping Christmas presents, reading the paper or magazine, on the computer, they are right there. Mine always loved walking on the keyboard.

You are wonderful rescuing these babies. I must agree there will be a more horrible place in hell for people that hurt animals and children.

^5 Tee

And why is there now word verification!

I so hope the other babies make it! Breaks my heart to see animals mistreated like that when all they want is a little love and they return so much. And yes, there is an especially bad spot in hell for those people. Now I'm off to wrap gifts with my 5 month old Augie kitty. It seems to be taking a little longer this year for some reason!

I could stare at those faces for hours. For a brief moment they make everything right with the world.

I have two dogs now, but I've always had dogs and cats. I miss having the intrusion on my personal space.

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