Sunday, January 30, 2011

It is 4 p.m. and all isn't well...

June over at da Pie is having a picture day. I have no idea why. But above is my picture for the day:

Notice the fairly new and still under warranty fridge. Notice the temperature gauge inside said fridge registering in the red zone. Milk doesn't like the red zone.

Notice the TWO coolers to contain all our goodies that should be inside said fridge but are instead languishing in da Coleman instead of da Kenmore. Oh. Kenmore sucks - just in case you were wondering because I just need one more thing on my plate at this moment.

Mr. Kenmore man will be here tomorrow to check out why we are in the red. Be glad you aren't him. Be very glad. And it needs to be said Mr. Kenmore man was here two weeks ago replacing the non-working ice-maker and various other parts on this piece of ... Oh and they have replaced the door gasket THREE times now and the drawers have all been replaced at least once and and and. Yeah be glad you aren't Mr. Kenmore man.



You know, this just pisses me off. And it's not even my fridge. I just hate when you spend a gazillion dollars on something and the damn thing doesn't even work right. Any way they can just give you a different one? We have a similar style but it's a Maytag. Knock on wood!

Is this a Kenmore Elite? I think we have one just like it, except our is white. Well, this is the second one, because the first one didn't have a SERIAL NUMBER! Try getting something repaired without that little number, yep. They attempted to deliver the second one, it didn't have a number either. I wouldn't even allow them to take it off the truck until they check, sure nuf no serial number. Soooo, we are actually using the third refrigerator and the water dispenser doesn't work, it leaks when you use it. This is the second holding tank for the thing, the first one cracked. We also need to have a new seal around the one of the doors because it has a tiny tear. As long as the temp inside is okay, I'm finished with Mr. Kenmore. I understand these Kenmore Elites are made by LG. So I so understand your frustration!!!! I would hate to by Mr. Kenmore, I'm just saying. If this thing is still in warranty why not push for a new one. It's worth a try.

Oh goodness Tee - it IS an Elite. After Ms. Kenmore kept telling me on the phone how sorry she was for all this 'inconvenience' I mentioned I wanted a new fridge and that I just had two heart attacks and really was tired of dealing with this problem. Nothing like milking a situation eh? So not only are they sending Mr. Kenmore but they are sending a master technician out. Who knew all this time we were just getting regular techs and not masters...I'll keep you updated on my progress!

What the hell is happening in your "when it rains it pours, life?" We have to got to get you some good juju going. Make sure you're taking it easy, no matter what's happening with your large appliances.

Keep pushing for a new box and make sure it has a serial number! I here supporting you all the way.

I feel your appliance pain. But you know that.

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