Monday, February 7, 2011


I have written several half-hearted posts. No pun intended.

The boys all celebrated birthdays this past weekend with the twins turning 18. Yay.

And it seems as time goes by with my recovery - I just feel worse instead of better. And I continue to be scared to death to even fall asleep still. I am also scared to drive by myself - what if I have another heart attack while driving this time? Every little pain in my chest and I feel like Redd Foxx....

I can't continue on freaking out as much as I am freaking out....right? I thought for sure we would be heading back to the ER tonight - maybe I just need to move in there...

But it has been two weeks tonight and 15 days since I had a that is saying something. What? I don't know but I am sure it is a good thing if I could just stop freaking out.

Oh yeah. Kenmore still sucks. They won't replace the danged fridge. Yet. It will be my mission to get that done. Doesn't help that they send an old dude out to check to thing out - it would be like yelling at my I cut him some slack but did let him know that Kenmore Sucks.

Oh yeah part two. And then I am sure I made Barbie feel like crud today because I am so not into her boyfriend's decision making skills and processes that could possibly effect her health and welfare as she rides around with his suspended driver's licensed-self in his non-insured vehicle. She says she can't control him and I say she can control whether or not she gets in a car with him as the driver. But then last week she was so happy to be driving his car and she knows it isn't insured and with her 17+ accidents....this is just a ticking time bomb and yes - please let me stress out over STUPID decisions they are making because I just so need another heart attack.

And Oh yeah the final part. I was hoping I was going to come through all of this the kinder-gentler Mrs. Oh that I have been striving to become. See above on how well that is workin' out.



ZOMG! So much happened while I was away from the interwebs. Hope you're feeling better and that the darned Kenmore gets fixed.

Mrs. Oh, sounds like this rest and relaxation thing isn't going quite as planned. Here's hoping for reduced stress and fear in your life.

Take good care. You are too funny to have to suffer like this.

Sadie, BBPland

I hope you understood I meant reduced stress AND reduced fear. You, obviously, don't need additional fear!

Sadie, BBPland

That'll teach you for leaving me Ree! lol

and ROFL @ Sadie - gotcha on both accounts

Oh dear, you need Valium. It's used for alcohol withdrawal why not withdrawals from smoking? Better life through chemistry.

Seriously, you need to talk to your MD about your stress and anxiety. Maybe they can give you some much needed relief.

Did grandpa fix your refrigerator? What was the problem?

Teenagers, they think they are sooo smart.

Oh sweety it is perfectly natural to be frightened. For goodness sakes you just had a heart attack. You need to be a bit kinder to yourself.

Congratulations on making it to 15 days cigarette free. For the first month of giving up the ciggies I really really hated The Spouse. I just couldn't believe that I had spent 20 years with THAT man. Then I started to come back to normal after about week 5 and realized why yes The Spouse did have some good points after all :)

Giving up the cigarettes is enough to do your head in and make you anxious on its own, let alone after the big shock you have just had.

Lots of love to you xoxoxoxoxox

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