Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunday Selection

Kim over at Frogpondsrock is hosting a Sunday Selection photo meme and I thought I would add a few photos that I took this afternoon.

Thanks to my vast knowledge of all things creepy-crawly or my ability to Google 'red and white striped caterpillar', I discovered this little bugger is an Io Moth Caterpillar.

When I called Tobey over to take a look at it, he advised me not to touch it as those cute hairy spines are poisonous. Whew - luckily the girl in me wouldn't even think twice of touching it. I lifted it up to the window sill with that leaf you see there so I could take a picture of it. I ended up seeing a few more while I pulled the weeds from the flower bed out front and despite their poisonous selves I think they are totally beautiful.



I think they are lovely. Fantastic photos Mrs Oh and thanks heaps for joining in. I am off to google what they look like as Moths

What??! I totally woulda petted the thing. :)

*doh* I didn't need to google them as you provided a link. They are lovely looking Moths as well.

I love the vivid green against the grey leaf, very nice detail too!

Beautiful photo. I would have never guessed those creatures would be harmful.

How is your eye doing?

Wow .. a truly poisonous caterpillar! We have some here in England that cause irritation if you handle them, but none that are actually poisonous. He's gorgeous though, isn't he? And unlike many moth caterpillars, he's going to be gorgeous when he is adult too!

He or she is a pretty boy or girl. Nice and vibrant colour.

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