Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to Save $279.99

What with all the four cats and three dogs that we share our home with I am always looking for a way to save a buck. The kitties so need a condo and really don't we all? This one is available at petsmart.com for only $279.99 which in our house is a pretty steep price tag. So I had a better idea:

Why not just convert Tobey into a kitty condo especially since my honey-do lists are basically going honey-undone lately. Best of all - I saved $279.99 that I can spend on something else I need. Like shoes.

Yodie & Okie


They really seem to love their new condo!

And not to be outdone: Daisy has bogarted my heating pad and blankie.
Have a wonderful New Year from our home to yours!


The human condos are THE best. The bonus is the $279.99 savings. Love the photos.

Those kitties are the epitome of cute.

Way to save some big bucks. If the human condo gets tired of being a human condo, there's a dude who sets up shop on the street corner not far from my house. He sells those things for like 50 bucks. He's always got a lineup of people waiting to buy them.

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