Friday, February 11, 2011

Here I come... save the day!

Friday after lunching with some of the wonderful ladies at work I headed over to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

I stopped by the deli to get some lunch meat or cold cuts if you are from the Nawth. I placed my order and a few minutes later another customer came up and wanted to be waited on. The clerk asked him to take a number and begrudgingly he did - I actually handed it to him because he was acting all put out. Then another clerk comes out to wait on this guy and he was rude from the get-go.

He ended up yelling at the clerk all the while he is on his cell phone. He kept calling the clerk rude and I just couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. After a few minutes of him treating the clerk like crap he asked for her name and said he was going to see the manager about her. The clerk told the guy her name and then I piped in that my name was Mrs. Oh and that I would be happy to speak to the manager and let him know who was the rude one here.

At this point I think Idiot Man thought I was on his side. My 6 foot tall self went up to his 5'2" self - what is it with short men and their tall 'tudes? - and I told him that from an outsiders view that he was the one being rude by yelling at her and being on his phone. He then tries to explain away his actions and states that he put the person on his phone on hold while he was dealing with the clerk when in actuality he was yelling at the clerk and talking to the person on the phone at the same time. I told him that when you are being served by someone you need to get off your phone so they can do their jobs and I told him that this was coming from someone with over 30 years of customer service experience.

Once D.B. Man figured out I wasn't on his side he began yelling at me. What business of this was mine? I needed to shut up. I needed to do this or that. This didn't concern me. I looked at him....informed him that I just survived two hearts attacks and the last thing I needed in my life was to deal with him and his crap and I turned away from him. He kept on yelling at me and I calmly asked the clerk to get the store manager over here because I wanted this guy's a$$ removed from the store. And yes I said a$$. And yes I got louder and louder as time was going by. I know. You're surprised.

Hey. I had two heart attacks. Cut me some slack.

At this point someone behind me clapped and the Turd in Tennies left the department only to stand at the checkouts and relay his tales of roast beef woe to his wife? girlfriend? The thought of some poor woman finding this scab-bag attractive still gives me the heebies. All I know is that she was way too blonde with hair way too long for her age and way too old to be sportin' the Pat Benatar eyeliner at 2 in the afternoon and she was wearing sweater boots. In Florida people - sweater boots. Thankfully she was wise enough not to bring her Real Housewives of Clearwater, FL self over to the deli department. About this time the manager was pounced on by the Turd Man and after a few minutes two managers and the deli manager arrived to the deli department.

I explained to the management team what had happened and a customer behind me (I think the clapper) backed me up and the deli clerks thanked me for staying and being a witness for them. The managers seemed concerned for me and apologized for me having to deal with Jerk Face. Who while I was talking to the managers waved good-bye from the check outs. I blew him a kiss. Literally. Because I am a Christian and all.... And then I went over to the produce department and cried my eyes out over the watermelons.

I really don't understand people at all. I can't see making such a stink over what this guy made a stink over. Sure he was short and had something to prove and has probably been fighting every one and any one his whole life....but really? I have scrapped things off the bottom of my shoe that showed more substance than this guy. So why did I get involved?

Because there is no more kinder/gentler Mrs. Oh. It just ain't happening. My tolerance level for the b.s. in the world is in the negative integers at this point and I don't see it ever going back to a normal level. Life is too short. And I just could see this poor deli clerk losing her job if I didn't stand up for her or at least back her up. And I kept thinking all the while I was quiet that maybe this is why God spared my life - so I could save this woman's job.....

....hopefully he has bigger plans for me.




Idiots like that just piss me off to no end. You did good Mrs Oh! Standing up to D.B. man. Some people just don't know how to be courteous. It's like they've been dropped on their heads when they were born. I'm sorry you ended up weeping with the watermelons. I get that way too. But I do think this was just practice. There is more in store for you Mrs. Oh.

Were you at Publix? Where shopping is a pleasure!

I still can't believe that this guy exists, even after having heard you telling the story, and reading it here. Some people are just awful by nature, which is horrible but true unfortunately. I'm glad that you and the other shopper were there, though.

Mrs. Oh, Hate those people! (in a Christ-like way, of course). In similar situations in the past I have said to the badgered clerk that I was going to go tell the mngr what was happening to them and how well they were handling it--then I did. Occasionally the mngr. has arrived on the scene while the junior gestapo was still at it and was able to relieve the clerk of the bombard of ill will. I always get the name of the poor clerk so they get recognition by name.

Good for you for standing up for decency. My jerk-o-meter is sensitive these days, too.

YOU GO GIRL! You didn't have to get involved, but you did the right thing. That poor clerk probably would have lost her job if you had failed to step up to the plate. Let me guess, this guy was a yankee, a rude one at that! Not until my hubby and I owned our own business did this southern bell stand up to rude people and refuse to allow them to be rude and run all over me. Wouldn't you loved to have shoved that phone up his nose.

You did a fine thing.

I am glad you were there to stick up for the deli clerk :)

What are sweater boots?

way to go Mrs. Oh! too often we take the "not my problem" attitude. You did the right thing!

Good job, Mrs. Oh! But please do be careful with your new kicky heart. We don't need you stressing it out too much over d-bags.

Hate the D Bags. Oh and my word verification is scary and that's what this post was, scary that there are actually people like that in the world and scary bc I was worried that Mr. D Bag was going to take out his aggression on you.

I'm so glad you stood up for the clerk! And maybe saving THAT job was YOUR job for THAT day. Does that make sense? Maybe you have many, many more things to do, but that was your thing for Friday.


I took a few minutes from my studying to, sorry you had to deal with that, however, knowing you I have to say it is not in your being to stand for that type of behavior, even before the health issues you have had. Kudo's to you for helping her out. Hope you are feeling better too! Enjoy this glorious weather! Hugs,

Good for you! What an ass. I canNOT abide bullies, and that sounds like exactly what he was. Sticking up for those deli clerks made a nice big deposit in your Karma Bank, I'm sure.d

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