Friday, February 11, 2011

Long post a comin'

Sit back. Get you one of them gallon size tea cups and take a listen...

First up are the doctor visits. The joy.

I saw the cardio on Thursday and he said I was lookin' really good to which I replied with that he had never seen me before with my clothes on. *swwooosh* I had another EKG done which other than exposing all my jiggly parts to the world - was painless and over in a few seconds.

I have been scheduled for 3 months of cardio-rehab and I have no idea what that entails. Exercise? Probably. We could all save some time and money and they could just have me look at pictures of Johnny Depp for an hour a day, 3 times a week for 3 months. I am sure that will have the same effect on my heart rate.

There wasn't much else gleaned from this visit. I get to go back in 3 months. If I live through the rehab....jk....

Today I saw my primary doctor, Dr. Hottie. And I have told Tobey several times I just need a new primary. While I can appreciate just looking at Dr. Hottie and all - eventually I need him to do something doctorish. Kinda like men dating only pretty, dumb girls - eventually you need a little conversation right!?

Dr. H didn't say much either. He pretty much retyped in to his computer what was already in my records. I complained my sugars are out of whack and have been since we stopped the heart-attack causing Avandia....and he just smiled and said we would get there. WHEN!?? In the mean time my blood is like pancake syrup and folks are wondering why I threw down a few infarctions. This isn't brain surgery here folks. And then he informs me that I have two stents. Wha-huh? Since when? Or more over Stents When? I told him that I only knew of ONE stent and he said well the other one was really small so.... SO???? I have this little card I am supposed to carry with me and it tells the kind of Stent I have, where it is located, how big it is etc. This little card doesn't mention TWO stents! But hey - I am not going to worry about it because it is small....

Any who I was able to get them to make an appointment with an endocrinologist - and would you believe it is same doctor I called twice before who never could return my calls. I am so looking forward to seeing them on Monday I can tell you.

Now on my way home for Dr. Hottie I realize he never even examined me. Sure the nurse chica took my blood pressure (118/74 if you were wondering) and she did the oxygen/finger thingie too (98). But the doctor? Never took his 'scope out once. Never checked my breathing - or my heart. Nothing. What is up with that? And then after I get home I realized I forgot to ask him for a script for a girly problem I am having. So I called the clinic and told the person who answered the phone who I was and what I forgot, then I was put on hold.

Finally I get someone else on the phone and go through the story again. They acted like I was going to put this medication, which is ONE pill and costs 30 cents after the insurance kicked in, on the black market or something. Why did I need it? Why didn't I ask for it when I was there? Why? Why? Why! 411

Then after I get home Tobey shows me the first statement from one of our insurance companies denying all claims because we need to meet our deductible first. Joy. One more thing for me to worry about. Which goes well with the call that I received from the cardio-rehab folks...

I have been prescribed 12 weeks of rehab - 3 times a week. 36 visits @ $60 a co-pay pop...equals...Oh. My. Holy. God. But wait - I only have a $15 copay.... Not any more. Now my work insurance is my primary insurance instead of Tobey's insurance and they refuse to pay until we meet the deduct and once we do that they wiill pay out a 80/20 split but who knows how much these visits are to begin with. Or the rehab place has a package deal of 8 visits for $208. And finally they have a program that if you qualify you're visits are free. Well. I like that program. A lot. So the rehab lady sent me the forms - all marked Charity.pdf -- yeah we are SO gonna qualify as charity cases. Not.

So do you think my stress level could get any higher? Come back tomorrow and see what happened when I went to the dang grocery store of all places.....



I should have read this post first. That would have explained your high tension levels at the grocery store! I hate insurance companies. I have a pile of papers I have yet to go through. I hate them.

Check with your insurance company and see what your out of pocket maximum is. Once you hit that mark, all of your expenses should be paid at 100%. Since you have an 80/20 split, there should be a maximum. Best of luck to you.

Ack. As an Australian where our health system is mostly free I get very confused by your system of insurance. love to you sweety. I am off to rad your grocery post snow

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