Thursday, March 10, 2011

Los Three Amigos


Don't tell Tobey but I think Pete is going to be staying. Just look what a difference a few weeks, a ton of puppy food and a lot of love will do for a dog.

Pete, Daisy and Max

Look at that happy boy! His tail is up and high and he actually barked the other night. I was so proud that he has finally found his voice but when I called him in the house he cowered the whole way in - poor thing. He also finally took a doggy cookie this morning too. I am so proud of him.

I think Tobey is becoming smitten as well. A little. That or he has just given up and will be contacting that animal hording program.

And finally--

What with the economy being what it is and Murphy's Law being in full blossom this early spring a few of my bloggy friends are in need of some financial loving. So why not skip the cappafrappacinos this week and make a few $5 donations this week to some ladies that I really love: June over at BBP land has a tip jar set up and Kim at FrogPondsRock has a link set for her daughter Veronica. Give what you can and if you can't just keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they are all being put through the wringer.



Pete's adorable! Glad to see him filling out...Gizmo can't be the only fat dog in the family. :p

That expression on his face in the photo by himself just cracked me up. How are your kitties doing?

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