Sunday, March 6, 2011

Change is a good thing...

...even if it means reverting back to your original blog design from 1938.

So Pete is back home with us. Long story but Dustin's apartment complex wouldn't allow him to amend his lease to add Pete on. And while I am sad Dustin lost his roomie I am A-Okay with Pete coming back home to us. Me and Pete are peas 'n carrots.

Did I tell you Tobey went out and got us one of them there new fangled stainless steel dishwasher things. I am sure there should have been a comma in that last sentence somewhere but hey - gimme a break. Anywho - I am loving the new machine and it matches the fridge from hell. Did I mention that it is NOT a Kenmore and that we didn't purchase it from Sears? Hello hhGregg and their 50% off sale.

I'll post pics later on of it and Pete if I can ever get us all to the dog park.



This is good that Pete came back home.

New dishwasher! Cool. I had a Kitchen Aide for 17 years, it was so LOUD we had to close the kitchen door so we could hear the TV in the den. We got a Bosch and we have had it for 17 years and it's still going strong and it's whisper quiet. Only a couple of service calls on the Bosch since we have had it.

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