Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mom's Tree of Life

I fell in love with a necklace that PW showcased on her site a few weeks ago. There was one small problem though - I didn't have the $199 to purchase a necklace...what with those millions of our dollars going to hospital bills and the like.

So what ever is a crafty gal to do? I headed down to Michael's and decided to create my own and I loved it so much I made a few more to send out to friends and family. Heads up Martha: yours will be in the mail this coming up week.

The trees are like family trees and you add your childrens birthstones to the branches. Love. It. For Martha's tree and since they only have Porkchop, I thought the tree would look a little bare with just one stone so I added Martha and Matt's birthstones on the bottom branches and then added Porkchops to the top. I really am pleased with the way it turned out considering I spent less than $30 and I have enough leftovers to make several more!

What do you think?



Cool! It looks great. :-)


Very creative. I don't have a single creative bone in me. I just visited a close friend that is making beautiful jewelery. I would love doing something like that, IF I could be creative.

You could make one for me, if you'd like!

Hey Anonymous Commenter - I would love to make you one! Email me via my contact link your addy and the birthstones or birth months you need on your tree and I will get to growing you a tree!

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