Friday, June 3, 2011

How to lower your A1c in 86 easy steps....

Or not.

Tee asked how I lowered my A1c and for those that don't know what an A1c is I'll tell ya. It is a blood test that measures or averages out your blood sugar level for the last three months. When I started this journey I had so many issues with my medication (Actos) because it wasn't doing squat for my sugar levels and my A1c was literally off the chart. I think it was a 12.4. Yeah, I know. Don't judge.

After my heart attacks I sought out an Endocrinologist, yay Dr. Leonard - love you!, and he changed around my medications and added an injectible (Byetta) to my drug regime. While it isn't insulin it still does a really good job of keeping my levels in line and has a bonus appetite surpressant. The first few weeks of taking it though were total hell. I was SO sick and dizzy but he said I needed to try to get through the initial shock of it all and after a few weeks I was just fine.

I have also started seeing a dietician doctor and within the first three days of my new eating plan I had lost two pounds. The diet has been a challenge but I am really doing my best not to cheat at all but it is really tough. The diet breaks down into 4 categories.

  1. A list of foods I can eat until I burst: salad stuff, most vegetables, sugar free jello and any and all meats, eggs and fish. I am not a big meat, eggs or fish eater - at all.

  2. Foods I can have twice a day: 1 slice of specific breads, apples and certain fruits.

  3. Foods I can not have at all even if the rapture is coming: potatoes, rice, flour, noodles, sugar, flour, cereal, oatmeal and the like.

  4. Foods I can again have twice a day: sugar free chocolate popsicles, Atkins type protein bars and certain ice cream bars that I haven't been able to find.

Make no mistake I did ask why Twinkies weren't on the diet but I think the doctor doesn't have much of a sense of humor. Couple all of the above with the fact that we rejoined the YMCA and have been going 4-5 times a week to play racquetball and me additionally hitting the treadmill for 20 minutes.

I have been hyper-vigilante while exercising to monitor my heart rate and keep it in the range the doctor advised me to be at. My biggest fear is that I am going to have another MI at the Y, or at home, or at work, or heck just about any where.

So that is about it - it hasn't been an easy thing to do but then again it really hasn't been all that difficult either. The hardest part was getting over my death-like fear of needles - I didn't think I would ever be able to give myself an injection. It used to take me 20 minutes to prick my finger to take my sugar level, now it is a piece of cake as long as I don't over think things through and just DO them.

And if you were wondering, the other night my BS was a whopping 84. Eighty-four. Yay, me! I then promptly went out and had a Twinkie. Just kidding. Man what I would give for a Twinkie though.....




One of my co-workers just talked me into training for a 5K. Mind you she's a tri-athlete...this should be fun!!

You must feel so much better. Have you dropped any weight? Your doctor has to be really pleased. You can be the poster child for reducing ones AC1. Is your husband eating the same food? It would drive me crazy having to prepare different menus. CRAZY!

Congratulations and more power to you. So happy to hear how well you are controlling your blood sugar.


It seems there is an upside to me not being a very good friend and forgetting to send you a parcel of Australian chocolate then.

Lisa: Yay you! We missed the 5K Moffitt thing this year. Maybe if they dangled a Ho-Ho at the end of the race I could be motivated....

Tee: nope the hubby isn't doing the same thing. I hoped the whole house would join in on all my fun but alas no. But they are going to the Y, so that is a start.

Kim: :P~~~~~~~~~ You can send me some when I get all super modeley on ya!

Thanks Sadie!

I came over to visit from June's blog.

Congratulations! I am wondering why no oatmeal?

Best of luck to you.

DB I think it has to do with the carbs.

Gotcha. Thanks, Mrs. Oh.

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