Friday, June 10, 2011

Graduation and Birthday Celebrations

I posted a few pictures on Facebook so these might be a repeat for some of you....

Frodo, Chewie and Nappy

I took this picture the morning the twins and Frodo headed off to catch the bus for their first day of kindergarten.

Frodo, Chewie and Nappy

And I captured this one on the morning of the twins' graduation. I love the school bus in the way background. *sigh*

Nappy, Mr. D and Chewie - after graduation.

Chewie, Boo, Nappy and Joni

Chewie, Me and Nappy

So I had to stand on a block to be just as tall a them despite the four inch heels! I think if Chewie wasn't pointing out that I was standing on the block no one would have ever noticed.

Chewie, Tobey and Nappy - my boys!

We had such a wonderful day. After the graduation ceremony we lunched at O'Keefe's at the request of the boys. We went home then to celebrate my 23rd birthday complete with chocolate cake and yes....I ate some! Tobey presented me with a lovely card and a recycled gift of my Bocelli tickets. I had to remind him that despite me saying the concert could be my birthday, Mother's day, anniversary and Christmas presents for the next five years......I really didn't mean it!

So all in all we had a delightful time. All five kids are now high school graduates and like their siblings the boys are going on to college in the fall with (and thank God) their scholarships intact.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Are they off to college?

I noticed you had help being as tall as those to big guys. I'm challenged vertically as well.

Happy Days and Happy Birthday! You look mahhhvelous.

What lovely memories were made this month.


Happy Birthday and Happy Graduation!


and check your mail please :)

I"m so proud of them. :]

Ps- Started blogging again.

Are you okay? I haven't seen any comments from you lately at BBP. The past couple of weeks I've not been following too closely. My Mom, who is 93, had her hip replaced and had a couple trips to ICU with very low BP and a brain bleed. She is doing well now and is in rehab. I'm still keeping a close eye on her, so I've been a bit busy.

Just wanted to know if you are okay. :-)

Tee - I'm fine, just sprained my ankle real good and havent had the time or feel/need to blog. I'll post in a few days :)

Mrs. Oh, my foot hurts just thinking of you. Sorry you did such a number on your ankle and hope it heals soon. Please be careful!


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