Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy as a bee...

I've been fairly crafty this past weekend and it feels good to be doing something fun. In addition to the family tree necklaces, I have been doing a few Scrabble tile necklaces.

Which made me purchase glass tiles and I thought I would give them a whirl. I printed up one of my favorite pictures of Mom, applied a thin coat of Modge Podge to the glass tile and pressed the picture into the glue. Rumor has it that Modge Podge will smear ink jet prints (and it does) but this method of putting the glue on the tile first and pressing the picture into it seems to work out great with NO smearing. I then added a few layers of MP to the back of the picture to seal it all together and added a bail. I can't wait to wear it!

And I thought I would share this no brainer with you. I used to grab a paint brush for my MP and wash it out and inevitably I wouldn't do a great job and the brush would get all crusty and unusable. My then I usually put my brush back in with the rest of my brushes and I wouldn't know which was a good brush and which was a bad brush.

So now I have dedicated one brush to the Modge Podge and I wrapped a rubber band around the jug and slipped my brush in once I cleaned it really, really well. Now I will only have one dedicated MP brush and it will always be with the bottle of MP. How easy is that?

What did you do this weekend?



That is really neat. You know if you wanted to use the MOD podge smearing as an effect that would be cool too. You know smear the background of the picture while leaving the main subject intact.

Great idea Heather - what you save time in Photoshop doing, you can now do with your MP and paint brush!

The smearing doesn't seem to be as bad with neutrals. I'm also using spray adhesive for the scrabble tiles to help skip the dreaded smear.

It looks great! I will find that picture of my folks and get it to you. :)

I thought that might spur you on Lil Martha!

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