Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bookmarks galore!

A big thanks goes out to Cheri over at I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar for her tutorial on a stretchy bookmarks. I thought it was a brilliant idea and would be great stocking stuffers that I could personalize for everyone on my list this year. Yes. I am thinking of Christmas already. I blame the fact that Hobby Lobby has their Christmas stuff out. It isn't my fault! Oh. And if you even remotely think you are on my Christmas list - look away now. Go visit Cheri or Pioneer Woman or something.

Here are two of the 15 or so bookmarks I made this weekend. The one on the left is for my niece who was in Paris at the time I was making her bookmark. Not that I am jealous of her at all! Now the problem I am having is cooking up some thoughts for the boys on the list. Black beads only go so far - so gimme some dude bookmark ideas because I am at a loss.

Mom at her sister's wedding during the late 1950's.

One of the items I inherited from Mom was the necklace she wore in the above picture. I have no idea what it is other than a stone and it is so not my style. I also had a very old necklace my Mom's sister gave me when I graduated high school that belonged to my Great Grandmother. The beads on the necklace were strung on a rope and it broke years ago. But I saved those beads for the last twenty-something years with the intention of doing something with them.

So I made a bookmark thong! The small and medium amber type beads are from my Great-Grandma and you can see how I used the stone. I thought this was a great way to actually make use of these items that are so sentimental to me. I am just thrilled with the way it turned out. And I have about half of Great Grandma's necklace leftover, so I am going to make something similar for my neice.

I can't wait for Christmas! Have you started getting your craft on?



Um...no! For shame, for shame :p I haven't felt "crafty" in ages.

Now, now Lil Martha - you said you were going to paint your bedroom furniture this summer and since we have the same set - get on it - I wanna see how it turns out and if I think I can tackle a project like that!

Crafting for winter hols requires so much more concentration than I have right now.

You are one clever lady. Not only are the bookmarks beautiful, what a wonderful use of the very special jewelry. The family picture necklaces are a great idea, too.

Sadie can only wish she was half as clever as you.

Thanks Sadie!

You are so talented. Those bookmarks are beautiful. I'm just not creative or crafty, I wish I were, but I'm not, let's face it. I don't think it's a skill you can acquire, you are born with it.

Yeah...still "working" on that whole paint thing...

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