Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heaven bound

Baby, Christmas Eve 2010

Our sweet girl drifted off to sleep surrounded by her family holding and loving on her. A special thanks to Dr. B with for her compassion and kindness. Baby passed in the comfort of her own home without any stress. She will always be our little Baby Girl.



So sorry.

Oh April, I'm so sorry. This is so hard.

I am so sorry. Your Baby is now in doggie heaven, running through the fields, maybe rolling in a little heavenly dung, chewing on limitless rawhides and smiling down on all of you, free from pain, so happy for the beautiful life you gave her.

Lucy is waiting to show her around :)

I'm sorry, Mrs. Oh.

i'm so sorry

Mrs. Oh, I'm so sorry.

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Heartbroken for you Mrs. Oh... Just so sad.

So sorry for your loss.

Thank you all for your sweet words.

Oh, I'm just so very sorry for your loss, Mrs. Oh.

The pain of losing a sweet little four-legged family member is so very hard. I'm crying right now thinking about my own little girl that I lost over three years ago. I loved her so...

Hope you can do something really nice for yourself today.

Hugs to you.

I'm crying for you. So very sorry. Baby is now running and playing around the bridge, joyful that she was loved so much. Hope she keeps an eye out for June's Fran. Hugs to you.

I know how difficult this is. They are a part of the family and show us so much love. And I'm sure you showed her just as much love back. What a sweet face. Hugs to you!

Wow! She had a very long life at 15 but 15 years is not long enough for us humans who love them.
It sounds like she had a charmed life with you.
I have 4 fur babies and love them as much as my children some days.

Yeah my boss's vet actually makes house calls and I asked our vet if he did as well and he gave me the number for the doctors at Lap of Love. They even did a little memorial for Baby on FB. It really takes special people to do what they do.

I am so sorry for your loss.

I just wanted to come here too (besides The Face, where I am "Unruly-Haired") to say how sorry I am.
I am not religious but I know that she truly will be waiting for you to reunite with her someday. How wonderful that you were able to give her a peaceful passing.

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