Monday, July 4, 2011

Mrs. Oh and Kirstie Alley: The Dog Edition

Max and Baby went to the groomer's a few weekends ago and oh my goodness what a bath and a pair of clippers can do! Of course we get the call to pick them up and were told to hurry as they bathed Max three times because he kept piddling all over himself. He's French what can I say.

Baby's hair cut made her look like Kirstie Alley when she got done with Dancing with the Stars. We have never had Baby shaved so close before but after finding that cancerous growth in her ear we felt it was a necessity. Baby has always sported long Farrah Fawcett-like locks and it is amazing the transformation that took place. I know she must be a lot cooler now and the amount of dog hair has certainly decreased in the house.

On the bad side - I noticed a fifty cent size lump on her left side. It doesn't seem to be bothering her and she does seem to get around a bit better being 80 pounds lighter and all...but is something we are going to have to get checked out and me being the eternal *ahem* optimist....

I'm sorry that I have been a horrible blogger of late and to all my three readers I apologize. I am writing a few posts tonight and will have them set to post this week. I have had so much going on of late and I keep taking pictures and all with the intent of 'that will make a great blog post' and yet...not post in almost a month.

Thanks for sticking with me!



He's French what can I say.

Killing me!! LOL!!;-)
I will say a prayer for your Baby and hopefully it will all be benign.

please don't leave us hanging regarding Baby! I hope and pray it's nothing. My friend's dog has the world's most unnattractive lump; but it's benign and not bothering anyone (except me! lol).

I'm so glad our two hounds are low-maintenance as far as grooming goes!

Keep us posted on Baby :-)

He's French... cracked me up!

Get Baby checked out, I hope it's nothing. It's terrible when our fur babies have problems. Keep us posted.

As a child I had a friend that had a collie and every summer they had Cherry (that was the dog's name, who names a dog Cherry?) clipped, except for the tip of her tail and around her head. She looked like a lion. It scared all the kids in the neighborhood.

P.S. how is your foot?

Thanks guys!

Tee - a foot post is coming up Thursday!

Aww, hope its nothing serious like last time. I hope I get to see you and dad soon, miss you guys.

Just read your comment on BBP and will keep you in my thoughts during this emotional week.


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