Monday, July 25, 2011

Mrs. Oh and the puggle

Don't you just love the word puggle. For me it conjurs up all things Harry Potter and if muggles were to have dogs I think they should all be generalized as puggles.

So a few weeks ago Tobey and I were coming home from church - driving separate cars. I stopped off at the Wendy's to bring the boys some burgers and fries. When it happened. I was about a block from the house and on the sidewalk there was a puggle heading down the street. I could see she had on a collar and I wondered where her owner was. I watched her in my side mirror as she veered off the sidewalk into the path of an SUV. The SUV swerved and I lost sight of the puggle. I about died.

I pulled into our street and jumped out of the van and I looked for the puggle. Which I didn't see any more. I then pulled into the drive and ran into the house to get a leash. I jumped back in the van and headed out to look for the little lost dog. I headed down the side streets and finally found her sitting in someone's front yard.

I got out of the car armed with the boys' Wendy fries and I coaxed her over to me with them. She nipped at me a little when I put the leash on her but soon lost interest in eatting me and went back to the fries. Once she was done and happy I easily lead her into the van and gave her more fries while I tried to take a look at her collar.

Luckily her parents put a tag on her with her name, Miss Piggy, and their mom and dad phone numbers. I called the mom. No answer, so I left a message. I called the dad and he answered. I told him I had Miss Piggy and he gave me his address to drop her off. But he gave me the wrong address - as he just moved to the area, so I can understand that happening. Miss Piggy did have her address on her tag and despite the house not being numbered I was able to find her home.

Well come to find out I had bribed her with fries in her own front yard! After the scare with the SUV she went straight home only to be abducted by some French Fry waving fat woman! Anyways. Apparently her mom was sleeping in the house and that is why she didn't notice Miss Piggy was gone. She thanked me profusely, said they apparently have a hole in their fence and oh by the way: Miss Piggy is preggers. Do you want a dog?

When I got home I told Tobey what had happened and he said, "You know you can't save every animal in the world?" To which I replied, "No, I can.'t But I can save every one I see."

The end :)



Is there a puggle in your future? They are cute...

Not that I need another one!

Naw....Tobey says if I bring another animal into the house he is giong to get an apartment just for himself. God. I'm going to miss him ;)

What a great real life story with a great ending. You did the right thing even if you did abduct her from her own yard. LOL!

Hope you are doing better today after such a tough weekend.

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