Friday, August 12, 2011

The Anti-Iron Chef America: The Tobey Edition

I came home from work to the smell of cooking chicken and found Chewie in the kitchen as he is wont to do most weekdays. I spied the big pot on the stove and asked what he was making. He informed me that Tobey told him to boil the chicken. In some stock.

Okay. Chicken and Dumplings? Yay! But then I got to thinking that we didn't actually have the ingredients to make chicken and dumplings. Now Tobey is know in his own mind for making chicken and yellow rice and I thought maybe that was going to be the end product.

But no my friends. That was not to be.

Feast your eyes on dinner:

Dinner or Scenes from an alien autopsy?

I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth. When Tobey sees that I have the camera out he tells me I can't take a picture of the chicken 'like that'. So I stand back a bit as Tobey comes running into the kitchen and by now Frodo is in the doorway of the kitchen as well.

Yes honey, just one on a plate is SO much better.

Next thing I know Tobey is pulling out a plate and I whispered to Frodo, "Oh. My. God. Is he plating that?" Yeah, plating. We watch way too much Food Network. It seemed Tobey added some crushed canned tomatoes to the stock when he had Chewie boil the chicken hence the um beauty spot on the chicken breast.

Frodo always the Guinea Pig...

Now I know you are wondering how it tasted. See the little grimace on Frodo's face above? Frodo's critique was that he didn't know it was possible to boil something dry.

And Frodo 'washing' it all down because Tanqueray makes everything better - even if he hates gin.

I think (and it probably has been done) we need a FoodFail blog. And on the bright side: I didn't cook this mess. So in end I can't be blamed:




When I saw that plate full of chicken I cracked up. Are they going to take it off the bone and use it in some delicious recipe?

I have a great recipe for hot chicken salad.

Tee it was boneless and it took a few days for anyone to brave it but it later became chicken salad too. Post your recipe on your blog - I'd love to try it!


I really don't know how I can add anything to that.

I do, however, love the alien autopsy analogy. :p

Posted. Hope you enjoy it.

HAhahaha, that plate of chicken looks like organs, I am not gonna lie to you.

Lil Martha: Tobey is available to guest post the recipe if ya want! *snort laff*

Lacrema - it makes ya shudder eh! Wanna come over for dinner sometime? ;)

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