Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birthday Gal

Stop by the Red Door Kitchen where today it is my wonderful sis-in-law's (better known around these parts as Lil Martha Stewart) birthday!

Happy Birthday Lil Martha - have my brother take you out some place nice for dinner tonight! Oh and Lil Martha: you can thank me for not posting a Rue McClanahan picture of you from back in the day. Consider it my gift to you!



And what a fabulous gift it is :)

(In my defense, it WAS the 80s and everyone was sporting the Rue's!)

LOL - not me *said as I delete any evidence off my hard drive* Hopefully your card and your real pressie will arrive today!!

It was waiting for me when I got home - Thanks!! We all got a good laugh at the card :)

Mrs. Oh, I read your comments today over at Junes. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

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