Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mrs. Oh and the Po Po

Chewie's scholarship is gone. I am still raising the roof about it but at least I have more answers now than questions - even if the answers are the most ludicrous things I have heard in my life. When the folks at the scholarship place tell you that taking Honors classes can penalize you would think someone needs to do something about it. So I will continue on in my quest to make sure that the word gets out about this situation.

So I am explaining all of this to Chewie and later on he says that he wants to become a police officer. A what!?


No. Way.

You think I am overprotective now? You become a cop and I will be calling you every.day for the rest of your life to make sure you made it home okay. He wants to get a criminal justice degree - which is great. Become a probation officer - I um hear that er can be ah a very rewarding career!

Where did I go wrong? Simba says being a copper is a very honorable career and I agree. But. Especially in our area - too many of our men in blue have been gunned down and killed. I don't want my son to be the next one. My response is I would be happier if he had a less honorable job and stayed alive. A cop! Dear Lord help me. I know I took him to Dunkin' one too many times.

And I know you are dying to know Tobey's take on this right.

He says: you do what ever makes you happy Chewie!

What!? Where is the whole united front married couple thingie? Did he not just hear me say pro-ba-tion officer? I take back every single time I ever said I just wanted my kids to be happy with their jobs. Now I want them to be probabtion officers. Heck - you have no idea how my heart jumped when he said criminal justice - I could see a lawyer in the family. But no. Po. Po.

Where did I go wrong?



Hmmm......the way you drive he might be able help you out now and then! LOL


Hey now - the last ticket I got was in 1999 and before that I got a ticket the day the space shuttle crashed .... back in 1986!!

There's nothing bad about being a police officer, nor a probation officer if he wants to do it. Let him, he can deal with the consequences of his actions. He's growing up, let him the man you raised him to be.
: )

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