Sunday, August 28, 2011

Off we go to the beach....

Anita over at Going A Little Coastal had a contest for a free 16X20 print from and I won! Anita is a wonderful blogger I know from June's blog and I highly recommend her site - her photography alone is worth the trip!

Winning the contest led me to go through a bunch of pictures just looking for something to blow up to a 16X20 and of course I couldn't find one I liked. So I convinced Tobey to head down to the beach for a little photo fun and I hoped there would be one picture we could use to claim my prize.

Of course the beach isn't too forgiving when it comes to your hair do. And Tobey was the one that was worried about his hair! And I wore a dress that the wind was also not very forgiving. I'm sorry to all those peeps on the beach that got flashed the good china.

Initially I planned on setting the timer and tripod up (what fun) but Frodo and Butter were off work so I bribed them to a free dinner down at Frenchy's if they would help take some pictures.

After dinner and right before sunset we made our way to the beach. I really love how this picture came out - but it wasn't quite what I wanted for the picture because of the lens flare.

Neither was this one - but I really love feet photos and coupled with a gorgeous sunset you just can't go wrong!

While I like this one - it looks like I am holding Tobey in and I really didn't want random flip flops in our 16x20.

Frodo took some shots of Butter and I as well. Best daughter-in-law in the world!

Apparently Frodo liked the guy in the background in this shot because he managed to chop both Butter and I's heads off.

Of course I went a little crazy with the Photoshop because I just can't leave well enough alone. I really love the old school feel of this shot of me.

Awwww - but still not what I was looking for...can you tell I am a tad picky? And does Tobey just not take a bad picture or what!?

Getting warmer....okay - I really liked this shot but it had a few issues....

That I took care of in Photoshop. I wanted a older vibe to our picture and I think I accomplished that in the post processing. This is the winner!!

And finally here is a sunset shot. Hope you enjoyed going to the beach with us! Be sure to stop by Anita's blog and say hello!



What great shots! You had a beautiful sunset that night too. Can't wait to see the canvas. Thanks for the shout out!

Thanks for the win!

Those are really beautiful photos.

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