Saturday, August 6, 2011

My bedroom dupioni silk curtains

The curtains I fell in love with despite them being tres expensive. The same curtains that I waited for months to go on sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The same curtains that I got for 75% off plus a 20% off coupon and still they were expensive.

First Yodie shredded them when she was a kit and was learning to climb. Then I came home for lunch and found the above. Tobey fixed the curtains and we went out for dinner only to come home and find them exactly the same way. It has almost been a week and they are still exactly the same - I might be starting a new trend...

Curtains 0
Yodie 9 8 lives remaining



Are you sure the cat did that? Is the curtain rod broken?

Yep it was Yodie - she sometimes jumps and misses the window ledge and is left hanging on the curtains. The rod bent and Tobey bent it back - but it didn't stay that way long!

Consider using a wooden rod next time, I doubt if that would bend. :-)

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