Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My playlist*:

*thanks to Blogger for the screwy spacing and despite being able to code the html I still can't get it right!*

At work I listen to a ton of music and I thought I would share what has been in my ear the last few weeks.

Adele. What can I say about Adele that hasn't been said before. I love her. I love her angst and emotion. You just can't get much better than:

On my workout MP3 player (the one I take to the Y) I only have it loaded up with Adele and Duffy. I highly recommend Adele's 21 album as I never get tired of listening to it and it pumps me up and tears me down all at the same time. If I had to pick one word to describe Adele it would be: Powerful.

Next up is Amy. Yes, the Amy. Winehouse. I know, I know. Er no, no, no. I was never a fan of hers prior to her death and honestly the only reason I gave her a second listen was because of the nod Adele gave her when she died saying that Amy paved Adele's way.

I absolutely love Tears Dry On Their Own and highly recommend the Back to Black album. There is no denying that when she was sober and on top of her game that she was a force to be reckoned with. Her death (despite the causes) while not a shock, now makes me feel sad and I wish I was a fan before.

For a little fun I recommend some Jake Owen - a Florida boy who had made it big and isn't too hard on the eyes either.

"Whoa, never gonna grow up, never gonna slow down..." Yeah baby. This one just makes me smile. It is corny as all get out - but still...it makes me smile.

And this one might be a big surprise for you....or not!

In preparation for the December 4th concert: My Andrea. Yes. He is mine. There is no music on this planet that calms me and recenters me like Bocelli does. Sure it is in Italian but if you know any Spanish you can figure it out and if not you can always Google the lyrics. Tobey asked if I was going to be disappointed at the concert if My Andrea didn't sing the songs I know. I replied, "No way, I don't care what he sings, just as long as he sings."

And finally some Pat Green just because.



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