Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I am working on a post for Thursday that you aren't going to want to miss. Set your clocks! Be there or be square. In the mean time since I had my camera at work today I thought I would share with you where I spend way too much time. My office. Er my desk. Um, my cubbie. Where all the magic happens...or where I drone away the day as a busy government worker.

The left side

Apparently a 12 year old works here by the looks of all the stuffed animals. 2 brownie points for the first commenter that can tell me what my desktop wallpaper is and don't all shout it out at once.

The right side

Yes that is a talking Captain Jack Sparrow in the corner. And as I look around I have four collections of things going on in my little space. Can you see them all?

My motivational wall from - hey, I need all the demotivation I can get these days.



OMG, I worked in the same cubicle for many years. When our agency moved to a new building everyone had a cubicle and one co-worker decided to retire. She told management she had not bonded with the box they put her in to work.

I love that Tee!

Love the title of this post! It reminded me of a seventh grader who told me that spelling shouldn't count since it was usually easy to figure out what the person meant. I agreed and told him that instead of Adam, I'd start writing his name Adumb. He said, "Oh. Never mind."

Oops - forgot to put my name at the end of that comment - Elsie from BBP land.

LOL Elsie

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