Monday, September 12, 2011

Mrs. Oh, Mace Windu and the mushroom cloud

I know, I know. It has been over a week since my last post. Had I realized I left you all hangin' with just the Liver Balls recipe I would have posted sooner. So to placate you until my major announcement later in the week: here are some feral kitty pictures!

For the last week or so this little guy has been hanging out at the house.

His name is Mace and he purrs like crazy when you give him some kitty love.

The stripey kitty who will walk all over my feet but won't let me pet her at all.

Rae Charles. Love her little half blind self.

More Rae.

And one more: Rae!

A picture of Dorian the Gray. Dorian has a twin sister too and they have the most beautiful green eyes - they also won't come near me despite feeding them for over a year.

More Mace.

Back in December when we did the TNR for the twelve or so kitties that were left behind in the foreclosure next door, I was unable to capture a solid black kitty. I think she is showing her face around here again. She appears pregnant and bless her soul but she has also lost an eye which totally breaks my heart.

Which makes me want to protect them even more....

So when I suggested we take in poor Mace.....

There was a few tense moments as Tobey A. Put his foot down to no more pets. And 2. Threatened to get an apartment. Finally Tobey agreed to take in Mace to protect him from getting hurt outside as long as we (I) try to find him a good home. I called the TNR lady that was able to place several of the kitties in hopes that she might know of a good home for Mace. She only suggested to call a few places and offer to pay for his complete vet care......

I personally like to think that Tobey just can't resist my feminine ways - as witnessed in the above picture!

P.S. Monday afternoon I received an e-mail from Tobey saying Mace got outside. He pushed through a space between the window shaker we are using in the bedroom because it has been so God-forsaken hot here in Florida. Luckily after I got home I spied Mace and Rae playing in the yard next door. And do you know what. I saw him. He saw me and I turned my back and walked away from him and he followed me home.

So I fed him and snatched his furry yella butt up and tossed him back in the house. Where he is happily sleeping on the bed as I type this post out. Good kitty. A total love muffin - and if you know anyone local who might need a sweetpea of a kitty: let me know!



I love orange cats! He's beautiful!
I never get any orange strays, only black ones. ;-)

Orange kitties make the best pets. I would love to have a couple of them, but the life span of an animal on my road is about five minutes. I can't take the pain of losing another fur baby--right now. Besides I'm eight hours from you.

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