Friday, September 2, 2011

A warning* with a recipe

This recipe comes with a warning*: don't make it. Really. You were on with the post.

Today's recipe is one of my Dad's favorites. I remember when we moved back to Georgia and we stayed with my maternal Grandma for a bit after visiting my Gran in Chicago (where I got this recipe), that I made this recipe several times and I don't think I have really made it since. But just in case you want to:

Grandma W's Liver Dumplings

1 pound of liver (yum)
1 loaf of bread torn into pieces - I use white
spices of your choice (onion, garlic, salt and pepper - all to taste)
an egg
a ham bone

First you want to put your ham bone in a stock pot and cover with just enough water to cover the bone. Simmer until all the meat falls off and remove the bone. Turn the heat up to a low boil.

Now the fun part and I apologize in advance.

Place the liver in a blender and liquify. Again: yum! Hey now - no complaining as I gave you plenty of time to run for the hills*.

Put the liver 'juice' into a large bowl and add the torn bread, spices and your egg. Mix well - with your hands. What? It isn't my recipe folks - just do it.

Make balls with the bread/liver juice concotion and drop into the ham broth and let cook for about 30 minutes. Sure you can put a lid on the pot in case the smell is offputting to you but it won't help. You know the drill by now: you were warned*!

Also - don't be shy about making your liver balls. You don't want them to be tablespoon size meatballs. The way my Gran made them they were size of my fist. I suppose because everyone just loved them so much. *ahem*

Honestly though - they weren't all bad. It was an interesting flavor and if you love liver I am sure this recipe will do you right. But just in case you don't - you were warned several times*.


*My attorney wanted to make sure everyone was warned. Consider this your disclaimer*


Oh my gosh! This sounds disgusting. You lost me at "...put the liver in the blender..." gag.

You lost me at "making your liver balls".........

I have to go wash my eyes with bleach after reading that...LOL


I was already gone at "Liver Dumplings." Holy heck. I can only imagine the smell the balls make stewing in ham juice.

Why ruin perfectly good liver and onions? That's the only way I eat liver. I'll have to politely pass on your Gran's recipe...and that doesn't mean I'll give it to anyone else.

Matt - you ate plenty of this when I made it - I think you even went back for seconds and thirds!

lacrema - smelly balls ROFLMAO

I agree with ya'll but I just had to share - I like to think every family has one of these 'recipes' in their recipe box!

Liver balls?? oh dear gah! Are they like schweatty balls? You know....tender?

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