Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Fierce Adventuresome Mrs. Oh

Hello Reader(s) - I have been such a bad blog momma and I apologize for that and promise to try, try, try to do better.


I have been out of my perfume the last few weeks and have had to resort to wearing 'fumes that I have received as gifts for Christmases and birthdays. Not good. And then I realized for me perfume is just like anything else in my life. Oh so not adventurous. In the last twenty years I have worn two scents. Two. Both of them are 'old lady' perfumes I have been told. Whatever.

So I have been running on fumes with my beloved Chanel No. 5 and have resorted to wearing Christmas Shania Twain and folks - Coco Chanel versus Shania Twain and there is no contest in the olfactory world. None. And Frodo, Butter, Barbie, Tobey and I went to the mall so Frodo could make a Sephora purchase (don't ask).

Now I have been wanting to take a sniff of Taylor Swift's new perfume WonderWhatever ever since I saw the above ad. And yes, that is a Christian Siriano gown which bumps ole Taylor up a few notches in my book. Well the old Jacques Pen-nay carries WonderBread and I took a few squirts.

And y'all - it was fabulous. Tobey really liked it too but then again he isn't a fan of Chanel and I could slather myself in motherboards, thumb drives and ram and he would be equally as happy. I know. He isn't from this planet. Doesn't like coffee, chocolate, dogs and now Chanel.

After lamenting again (as I have been for weeks) that I was out of my Chanel we made a run for the Macy's and next thing I know I was checking out with my Chanel. And Holy Mary - that stuff is exxxxxpensive. I had no idea. Really. None.

Pete and the $115 bottle of perfume

Taylor's perfume WunderBar sells for half the price of Chanel in case you were wondering. But why didn't I branch out and buy it instead of my old stand by? For starters I really didn't want to tell people what I was wearing when they would inevitably would ask.

"Ohhhh Mrs. Oh, you smell devine - what is that?"

Mrs. Oh mumblingly replies, "Taylor Swift's Wonderstuff."

How embarrassing that a 45 35 25 year old Mom of five would wear a teeny-bopper fragrance....




This is so funny! By the way, Chanel No. 5 is my absolute favorite scent. I haven't had any for years. It is NOT an old lady perfume either!! Is Marilyn Monroe an lady? No (well I mean she would be now) but haven't you seen that really sexy picture of her with her bottle of Chanel no. 5?

I love nice perfume, but it doesn't love me. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to the stuff and it gives me a terrible headache. I feel like I've been hit up the side of my head with a 2x4.

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