Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Mossy Creek Elephants

As you may recall each year I put a Christmas tree up for Mom and I load it up with elephants. Luckily I came across a few more ornaments while we were at the Mossy Creek festival this past weekend. Yes Tee: THE Mossy Creek Festival! Next year if you plan on going we need to meet up and share a funnel cake.

There was a booth full of blue and white china and I found two ornaments there. Initially I was only going to buy one....but I knew once I got home I would have kicked myself for not getting both, so I did.

An angel elephant. I almost cried when I saw it. How fitting for Momma's Elephant Tree. The lady that ran the both pour and paints all of her wares and I could have spent a mint in her booth alone.

Remember I showed y'all the painted gourds? They had little Christmas Ornament gourds and well this little guy simply had to come home with me. I am thinking of jazzing him up a bit and I want to add a Santa hat to him.

Am I the only one that cannot wait for Christmas?



I guess that I am the seventh finger on your one hand. I love your blog and the Dali Museum both in equal measures. Thank you for brightening up my days.

Thanks Terri!

That second one looks like Deft.

You will have to remind me about the dates for The Mossy Creek Fair when the time comes. Tomorrow we are going to the Country Living Antique Fair at Stone Mountain if Hubby finishes with his volunteer duties at Stately Oaks early enough.

That makes me one of your middle fingers! Glad you had such a fun time at the fair.

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