Wednesday, December 21, 2011

As my Mom would say...

Son of a biscuit.

Cripes the last few weeks have been horrible. Only to be topped off with sweet furry Roger over at June's.... and I can't stop crying just over every.damn.thing. And me being such a smart ass I sent June's Christmas present in Baby's Pet Crematorium gift bag as I told her I would when she said I could reuse the damn thing. Now - I feel horrible about doing so.


I got a call this morning from Deputy Janet. She said she wanted to give me a few days to think about whether or not I wanted to press charges. I am actually surprised that most every body is split down the middle about whether to or whether not to but all have been supportive in my decision.

I told her my reasons and that I wasn't going to press charges. I told her to let them know why and my feelings on the subject etc and I hoped they appreciate my kindness in face of the adversity they put me in.

She then said she was still going to turn this over to the State and she wants the couple checked out by Child Protective Services. Her logic is that if they made this one bad decision she wanted to make sure that at least the children were being properly cared for. To be honest - those kids are the main reason I elected not to press charges. They don't deserve being put into foster care because their parents were schmucks and because I was a dingbat.

I pray nothing further comes of this and that they are wonderful parents but it is out of my hands and they are going to have to sleep in this bed they made for themselves.

Well I got nothing left tonight. Peace out and love each other and your furries.



I can't stop crying over Roger. This just rips my heart right out. Hubby and I lost one of the best cats we ever had, Oscar Snuggles, out on the road. Hubby and I were hysterical in the road when we found him. That's not cool on a busy four-lane road.

Think about the issue of the purse snatchers. Life is about choices, they have made a choice, to steal. I understand your concern for their child/children, but obviously they have no concern for them, which is a sad state of affairs. Unfortunately, the children are the real victims, not that you weren't a victim, but fortunately, your possessions were returned, not without grief and anguish. I feel your pain about these poor kids. However, I have no sympathy for the thugs. It was their choice to steal.

Me too Tee - and this morning with the tribute to Rog..crying all over again!

I agree with everything you said about the snatchers. And trust me - I am not a forgiving person in the least bit - so this decision really surprises me.

Look at those beautiful royal blue eyes! No wonder the doctor was hitting on you! Is Tobey going to the doctor with you next time? LOL

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