Sunday, December 18, 2011

I have made a decision....kinda.

So I have 5 hours now until Deputy Janet calls me back and I have to tell her whether or not I want to press charges against the legal aliens that stole my purse.

There are a few things that have led me to my decision:

First - I was stupid for leaving my purse in the cart. I should have paid more attention but I was all distracted having to pick Chewie up from his date with Chewette and I was further reeling because Nappy had a bowling date with his class Salutatorian. Go Nappy! But this whole Great Purse Debacle of 2011 begins with it being my fault.

B - The theives were stupid for taking opportunity with my stupid actions of leaving my purse in the cart. They don't have records. I am leaning towards that they were just being idiots and that they really are good people. Yeah I know. That is SO like me thinking good of my fellow man and all. Not. That is so like me being all optimistic. Not.

III - I keep going back to What Would Jesus Do if someone stole His satchel from the well He stopped to have a drink at. He would say, "Go on your way and sin no more." While I don't wear my Christianity on my sleeve - I still am a Christian and am commanded to be as Jesus-like as I can be.

And while it would be really easy to say "Book em Danno" - it isn't all that easy. If indeed these are decent people who came to this country to try to better themselves and their two young children and they just made a stupid mistake like the same mistake I made of leaving my purse in that cart - then what?

They certainly would be found guilty if I pressed charges. What would that entail for It would effect them every time they went to seek new employment that is for sure. How is that going to better their lives in the long run? Later on if they sought citizenship would this stupid act keep them from becoming Americans? Most likely so.

They came to America because this is the greatest place in the world to live. Populated by the greatest people in the world. Every one of us has made mistakes in our lives - massively so me in the past as well. Hopefully my decision will not harm them like they attempted to harm me because we should strive to be the bigger person right?

From what Deputy Janet said - I know the theives are shaking in the shoes. I know they are scared for themselves and their children. Do their children deserve to go into 'the system' because their parents piggybacked upon my stupid mistake? I think not.

And finally Four - Does the state of Florida really have nothing better to do than prosecute this case? I would have to meet with the state attorney and go to court. I would have to face these people who rocked my world one December night when I was so distracted by...everything in MY world. Does Deputy Janet have better things to do? Of course she does. Of course the state does. Of course I do and so do those who stole my purse.

So initially my reaction was to string em high. Now? Not so much. All I can do is hope and pray that my decision makes them take inventory of their actions and their goals for their lives and their childrens' lives.

And I am cutting them a Christmas break and I pray they go about their lives being productive members of our great society. I think it is the right thing to do. I think it is what Christ would do. But man-o-man - this was a very hard decision to make. Which I find kinda sad for me - being Christlike should be a lot easier.

I am just so grateful to everyone involved. From the folks at Wal-Mart and the work from Deputy Janet and the other deputies that were on the lookout for the thieves car. I am so grateful that everything was returned and the only thing I am out is my pride and a few credit card charges to replace my lost/stolen/found cards.

So now I am going to bake Christmas cookies with my daughter. I can only hope and pray that I made the right decision. I hope the thieves are appreciative of my decision but it is what Jesus would do.



I think you should print this out or hand write a letter to them, and let them know you are cutting them a break in the spirit of Christmas. The officer could give it to them. In my opinion they really need to know that they should have done the right thing.

Proud of you.

I agree with Heather. They need to be confronted with the fact you are giving them the biggest break of their life. Someone needs to get in their fact and have a come to Jesus session with them, because you know Jesus. Hopefully, they will not repeat this same act against someone else in the future. You are a gracious and kind lady. This is truly a good deed you hope produces a great harvest because we reap what we sow. Blessings to you, I don't know if I could have done that.

You know, I just reread your post from yesterday and it just stressed me out. I can' imagine what you were going through before your purse was recovered. All that stress could have caused you to have another heart attack! You are so kind. This far beyond RAoK!!!

Mrs. Oh, you are quite a lady! Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas.

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