Thursday, January 5, 2012

River's Diary

River Song's Diary...Box with sliding drawer

I thought I would share with you, over the next few days, some of the things I completed for Christmas. Above is my version of River Song's Diary from Doctor Who. I am super happy with the way it turned out and Buttercup is all *squee* about it as well.

It was rather simple to assemble. First I painted the box Tardis blue - or there about. After I printed off my cover graphics I rubbed the back of the cover with charcoal and then I transferred all of the lines and squares to the box.

I wanted the box to have a somewhat 3-D front. So I traced the charcoal lines with my hot glue gun leaving a trail of glue behind and thus 'raising' the 'leather' cover I was about to create. After the hot glue had set up and cooled I was ready to apply the paper cover to the box.

Now I wanted something old looking and I had a few spare copies of the cover I wasn't going to use - so I crumpled up the paper a few times and flattened it out. I loved the effect and I then modge podged the wooden box - one side at a time - and pieced the paper covers to the box. Flattening and indenting the paper around the glue trails underneath as best I could.

Once the paper cover was stuck to the box, I then modge podged a few coats on the outside of the box. I then added some decorative paper to the edge of the book and on the inside of the sliding draw. Voila. Done.

Now I think I need to make one for me and maybe one of my Etsy shop. Be sure to stop back by for my next craft project involving Armour Etch and Lord of the Rings!



I initially thought it WAS an old book--until I read your post. Great job! Next time do a step by step illustration.

oh I love it! How fantastic :) angetsve

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