Friday, January 6, 2012

A crafty Christmas...

So for the first installment of "What Mrs. Oh was busy doing that she didn't have time to blog."

I made two etched glass pieces for Frodo. The first is this Prancing Pony hurricane lamp. When Frodo opened this present up the first thing out of his mouth was something about me buying it at Disney. Anytime I make something and someone thinks I bought it makes me feel really good!

Prancing Pony Hurricane Lamp

White Tree of Gondor Mug

My first endeavor into glass etching was this Gondor mug I made for Frodo. Initially I wanted to make him a Prancing Pony mug but the graphic had to be shrunk so small it just didn't work. I also liked that I could personalize the mug and have the graphic on the 'right' side of the mug as Frodo is a leftie and usually the images on glasses are on the wrong side when he drinks.

I cannot sing the praises of my Silhouette cutting machine enough! Love, love, love that thing and I am already planning next years (opps this years) Christmas presents.

Be sure to pop in tomorrow for more crafty junk I made!


Oh and P.S.

The last few weeks I have been getting seriously spammed in my comments. Thankfully Blogger catches all of them but this one tickled me so I thought I would share:

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Searching inside the manifest-that's a new one!!
The mug and hurricane are gorgeous!

Thanks! I think I will use it at work..."no, no, I am not surfin' the 'net....I am searching the manifest!"

Your etchings are beautiful. I'm impressed. How did it take to do those etchings?

Don't you just love spam!?

Tee - it took about 7 hours of painstaking work....ok....that was just in case Frodo was reading....

The graphic work and getting everything set up in the Silhouette took about 15-30 minutes. Once the designs were cut out by the machine it took me another 15-30 minutes to remove all the negative space that would be etched. I then positioned them on the glass (easy for the mug - a bear and a half on the hurricane lamp because of the curvature) and applied the etching cream. The cream only takes 5 minutes and then you wash it off. So. Tops maybe an hour or so.

And why aren't you on Facebook girl!???

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