Saturday, January 14, 2012


So this morning was GrandTobey's memorial service.

I really had been fine all week. I had been busy and that keeps my mind occupied so I don't actually think about things that inevitably I have to think about.

Actually my heart is so breaking for our neice. She got up and spoke at the memorial and said:
"At 15 I lost my Dad, at 16 I lost my Nana, at 17 I lost Granddaddy". No more birthdays for her - said in my best soup nazi voice over.

At the last minute I volunteered to do Dad's memorial cards due to a mixup at the church. Plus I had to finish the Powerpoint presentation for the service. I went to bed around 5 a.m. this morning only to get up at 7. Both Tobs and I are wiped out.

During the service there is a time for sharing memories. Tobey didn't know it that I had planned to speak. Chewie did a facepalm when I got up. I added a few comments about GrandTobey - how he always listened and rarely offered up advice. Unlike me who offers up advice whether you want to hear it or not. I said I needed to be more like him. I also came across this - The Proverbs 32 Man and I read it during the service. Everyone seemed to have loved it and I got a lot of hugs which was nice.

Tobey was surprised I didn't tell the "Butt Story" but I told him I figured I couldn't get away with saying 'butt' in church. Regarding the Proverbs 32 reading, Frodo said he couldn't believe I made up scripture - in a church of Christ - and I wasn't stoned.

Anyways. I do take solace in the fact that GrandTobey is with his wife and son in heaven. With his momma and daddy and brothers and sisters and his ma and pa in law. I know they are having a great time - it just sucks for the rest of us.



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