Thursday, January 12, 2012


I don't know why when I read GrandTobey's obit in the paper I was reminded of Whitesnake's Here We Go Again....

EVERSOLE, Keith A. 76, of Clearwater, died Jan. 9. Survived by three children, Kenneth & Kevin Eversole, and Kelly Henry. Neptune Society

Does it not look like Tobey and his brother are married? They didn't include anything else but managed to get their name in the obit. They can't spell out January but they can slip in a ad for themselves. Where is the memorial service? When is the memorial service? Who was this man? Who loved him? I really wish I could say I was shocked. But after the obit fiasco of Mom's passing - I can't say that I am as it took THREE times to get the posting correct. Really - how hard is it?



This is the exact reason, that I wrote and printed out my mother's obit and handed it to funeral director( I made extra copies too, just to make sure). I made sure that all spellings were correct, and told them that everything was correct, and they printed it exactly as I had written. Easy going is what I am! ;-)
Sorry they botched things!

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