Thursday, March 15, 2012

College and Onion Rings and the like

Sweet swirling onion rings my friends. If there are any left who read me as my posts have been sporadic at best.

There is just SO much going on that there is no time left to gripe blog about it.

First up is work. Meh! I can't discuss it but trust me it isn't good and I am fed up. The sad thing is that after dedicating almost 7 years with this job - in the end: I don't matter one little bit.

Second up: Barbie. She has rashly decided to hitch her wagon to her on again and off again boyfriend's wagon and move to Connecticut. Which would be fine if there relationship wasn't a roller coaster of every other month break ups. And it would lessen our worries if she went up there with the funds to be able to support herself if something bad happened - like they break up yet again. But she doesn't and she doesn't seem to mind it - so I guess I shouldn't worry at all. Right?

Third. I just got back from the local college. My third trip up in as many weeks regarding Chewie. Chewie just found out that three weeks ago he was dropped from all of his classes again. If you are counting this is the fourth time he has been dropped. His teacher took role today - and he was on the list. But again: dropped THREE weeks ago and he was notified of it when? Today.

The reason you are wondering, as was I, is because he didn't attend the first week of classes. Well. Duh. He didn't attended because the college dropped his classes twice that first week. So how on earth can you drop someone who wasn't even registered at the point you are holding them accountable for being in class?

We get told his loan didn't go through because his classes were dropped. And he can't get it reinstated until he gets reregistered. Which he has to email all of his teachers and ask for them to add him back in and if not then he has to go to the department chairs. We were told he really needs to see an advisor but there aren't any working when we were there on the day they stay open late. Which begs the question of "Why stay open late if there is no one there to help the students out?"

After this bombshell and whilst Chewie is frantically emailing his teacher - he gets a call saying his loan is fine and all he has to do is get the teachers to add him back in. The kicker to all of this is that the kid has been turning in assignments, taking tests and going to class the whole dang time. And when I say dang I mean dang. Actuallly... I mean something else altogether.

Yanno that movie Heartbreak Ridge with Clint Eastwood and that cutie pie Mario Van Peebles? The scene (I think) after the battle where some big wig military type asks Clint's character what he thinks of the whole mess and Clint comes back that it is a ****bad word***. Yeah. I have dropped the word so many times while at the college. There is NO communication between the departments and having the students run around and fix the problems that the college is/has created in insane.

Considering last time they told us we had to physically go to another campus and speak with the department chair to get the original mess cleaned up - AND - after I pitched a fit saying 'we' didn't need to go anywhere since 'they' already said this mess was all of their fault - AND - miracuously they were able to fix all the problems 5 minutes after that..... I have zero tolerance for the runaround Chewie is getting.

I am sure they are all excited there to know that I register for classes on March 28th. The joy. I can't wait.

So my whole "I'ma live a stress free life since yanno I had those two heart attacks last year!" - well
that isn't working out like I planned.



Well. I am just exhausted reading that! I'm sorry things are all *bad-worded*. Just keep DragonCon in mind! :)

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