Monday, July 2, 2012

Mrs. Oh and the blog police

MJ and me

So the blog police called and wanted to know what was up. I think I have set a personal record of not blogging - and that wasn't my intention. It was a little chaotic here for a while and now it is blissfully quiet...

The above picture was taken during our trip back home and I never got around to uploading it with my last post.

Not long after our trip - around the first week or so of May - Frodo and Buttercup moved into their own apartment! During the same week Tobey spent a few days in Pennsylvania on a business trip and he took a few extra days to visit with Barbie in Connecticutt.

Moving Frodo to his new second floor apartment was a joy let me tell you. It didn't help that since he and Butter only had a bedroom full of stuff to move I assumed they didn't have much to actually move. Wrong. And what did I do? I rented a tiny little truck from U-haul for the move. So instead of making one trip we ended up making 3 or 4 trips.

The move not only involved moving them out of the house but also involved moving all the things from Mamma that I had in storage. If I ever see a set of stairs again....

So Tobey went on his trip and in the evenings Chewie and I unloaded our 10x15 storage locker. Then we had to find a place in the house for all that junk stuff. It was a fun week. But some how we got everything tucked away and it sure is a weight off of our shoulders with no longer having a storage bin! Yay us!

Then with Frodo moving out Chewie and Nappy finally after 19 years they have their own rooms. Now the boys' room was always a mess. A wreck really and each blamed the other for the mess. It was interesting to see what happened once they got their own rooms. While their rooms aren't up to my standards of order - I have to give it to Nappy - his room usually is the more cleaner of the two rooms.

I suppose all of that isn't really a reason not to blog but there you have it. I would say I will do better - but you know me ;)



Missed you.

What a pleasant surprise to see your new post. Glad the chaos has settled down a little for you.

Yeah, glad to see you back. Moving is such a pain. I can't imagine having to move from our home. We have been here 36 years and can you guess how much junk we have accumulated. That's just the house, we won't even talk about my husband's work shop, which often looks like an explosion in a mattress factory.

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