Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dragon Con - The Pre-registration

Peanut looking for the secret Coca-Cola recipe...

Wednesday after work we headed for the bright lights and big city of Atlanta for the much anticipated Dragon Con 2012. We stopped in Valdosta at the midway point in our drive and continued on to our destination this morning.

So without further adieu (because I am wiped out) here are some random pics of our day:

The view from the hotel's pool.

Tobey cooling off after a dip in the spa.

The kids at the World of Coke - where they sampled all 60 flavored sodas from around the world. Whatever you do - don't try the Beverly from Italy. Battery. Acid. Blech!

The kids with the Coca Cola polar bear.

In Centennial Park.

The warnings for the pool/spa. I ignored them!
When we arrived the line outside the hotel was minimal. We got in line and security told us to skip the line and head inside because Jamie was in a wheelchair. We decided not to skip the line since it was so short. We had arrived a few minutes after 11 a.m. and it took about 30 minutes for us to get our badges. Chewie and Peanut went into the Disabled Services line and only waited about 10 minutes. Yehaw. Peanut was given a handout about not to expect preferential treatment because she is in a wheelchair. And that if anyone is rude to her about getting special setting etc - to ignore them. *ahem*

After we were all badged up the kids and I decided to visit the merchandise store which consisted of a window that sold lanyards, t-shirts, magnets and the like. We waited in line for about an hour and had moved about 15 feet and still were a good hour or two away from the window. I personally couldn't understand what was taking so long as they had four cashiers. Really how long does it take to pick out a t-shirt.

Once we made the final turn one of the Con reps told us to head to the front of the line and to see a specific cashier - because Peanut was in a wheelchair. So we did. And oh my holy hell.

We were called to the front and a woman in line began to complain loudly about us cutting in line and how she had been in line for an hour etc. I quickly grabbed the four lanyards we needed for our badges and looked at the woman and pointed to Peanut. Which apparently didn't impress her much.

I paid and told the kids to leave. One of the Con reps told me to ignore the complaining lady. As you can imagine....I did just the opposite. I hoped I was out of earshot of Peanut and after my purchase walked to this 'woman' and told her that I really appreciated how she treated my daughter who has spina bifida. Can you believe this cow replied with, "You could have waited in line!" I advised her that we had waited in line for an hour and that we were told to go to the front of the line. She said, "that's fine - but you could have waited in line!" So yeah. I followed the Wheelchair Guidelines and didn't call her a few choice names.

And we get outside and Peanut started to cry saying that in the six years she has been wheelchair bound she has never had anyone treat her that way. Which made me want to find that woman and give her a few more pieces of my mind.

Later on in the afternoon we had to skip through a business building in search of an elevator and can you believe the security lady there let us in and was very nice. And we all thanked her for being so nice. Which seems to be lacking thus far on this trip.

But onwards. We closed our day with dinner at Johnny Rockets and some time in the pool and spa. I'm totally beat and we get to get up early again tomorrow. Did I mention I was up at 5 a.m. this morning? ;)

I'll post more tomorrow and I can't wait for you to see our costumes!



Welcome to Atlanta! I'm sorry for the rude woman in line. I hope she was a visitor and not from here.

Can't wait to see your costumes. Have a fantastic time!

I'll watch for you guys on the news. I don't mean it will be bad news, but I'm sure there will be media coverage. Hope you have a great time. So sorry about the rude person.

I had no idea that one of your children had Spina Bifida. You do know that my Penelope was born with Spina Bifida?
Oh and I loved your costume. Glad you all had a great time!

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