Friday, September 7, 2012

Parade Pics - sis boom bah!

Y'all. I had this great colourful picture from one of the Con merch shops of the Chessex dice table - which I spent most of my shopping at - and I deleted it before I downloaded the dang thing. So the only picture I have from my shopping is this glared out one - but where can you buy art AND a kilt all in the same place. And not just any ole kilt but a utilikilt for the man on the go.

This is going to be a short post as I spent all of last night downloading these Dragon Con parade picks to Flickr whilst watching Project Runway not once but twice and I still have no idea what happened other than Dimtri didn't get kicked auf and that makes me a happy girl.

So ifin' you want to go and see some fabu costumes click here - and don't miss img_1526 because that boy sure was purty. Seriously. Pur-tay!

Peace out,


Thank you for all of the parade pictures. While I thought what a hoot it would be to watch the parade in person, I could not work up enough enthusiasm to fight the crowds to get there. After looking at all of your photos, I now feel like was actually there.

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