Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Georgia Aquarium - Dragon Con Edition

Isn't this a sight to behold friends? What those poor fish must have thought of all the costumes and light sabers! Most of my pictures turned out a bit dodgey - yes I have been using that word a lot lately - due to the aquarium's No Flash Photography rule. Light sabers? Sure. Flash? No.

We had a minor hiccup at the aquarium and after arriving home and sending them an email - I am expecting them to make the situation right. I won't get into all the details but the ticket person at the will call window decided to argue with me. Obviously he doesn't know to argue with me when I know I am right. And I was. And he wasn't. Nanny, nanny boo boo. Anyways - aren't the sea nettle jellyfish lovely? They have always been my favorites.

Can you see me peeking through? FYI that isn't a smile on my face but a grimace of pain - I backed into this cubby thinking it opened up so I could stand. It didn't. I ended up crawling out on all fours. But hey - don't I look fabu through two panes of aquarium glass and some fishes?

This was in the tunnel o fish. I remember when Matt and I were kids and we went to Sea World. We had to sit in a aditorium and watch a video on how safe their tunnel o fish was and how 98 stampeding elephants couldn't break the glass etc. Oh those were the good old days when we feared things. Now? Nuttin'. No warning - you just climb on the conveyor belt and off you go. The nice thing about this aquarium is that you can step off the conveyor belt and hang around and take pictures and such. Which I did because whilst conveying down the belt and looking up to take pictures made me fairly dizzy.

Aren't these little guys adorable? The aquarium has a frog exhibit and they were just so dang cute. I believe these are Wax Face Monkey frogs - or something to that effect.

And this little guy - love him. He is a Milky Way Frog and I just adored his little green toes.

A lionfish - which are some of my favorites as well. I just love the majesty of them. If the fish kingdom had a Cher-like fish - I think this would be it.

A happy little crab dude. He had a friend in the tank with him that was up the wall of their tank sleeping. I took his picture as well - but it turned out blurry.

I took this shot in the giant viewing aquarium where all the Darth Vaders above were located. I got off several good shots of him swimming directly towards me. What a beautiful creature.

If you can make it to the DragonCon night I would highly suggest you go. The only downside was they weren't showing their 4-d film and the dolphins were swimming but their was no show and with it being night they were hard to see and impossible to photograph. Oh. And eat before you go. The burger, fries and bottle water I bought came to $13.55 *ouch*


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